Rebuilding Lives – The R&R package

According to the NWDT Award, an oustee is defined as not just one whose land gets submerged, but is one who had been residing or cultivating land or carrying on any trade or occupation in the area likely to be submerged permanently or temporarily.

The basic categories of PAF’s include:

  • Land owners
  • Major sons
  • Agricultural landless laborers
  • Encroachers
  • Co-sharers
  • Businessmen (in few cases)

The Gujarat R&R Package

The Government of Gujarat framed its R&R package based on the NWDT Award. It expanded the scope of the Award and adopted a more holistic approach towards rehabilitation. The major components of the R&R Package are:

  • House Plot
  • Agricultural Land
  • Civic Amenities
  • Rehabilitation grant, subsidy, and grant-in-aid
  • Other facilities

House Plot

Village House Plot

The plots of 500 sqm for the houses are being provided to all the categories of PAFs in areas of their choice in the R&R sites. Compensation is given by the government for the existing house, and the dismantled houses are being transported free of cost to the new sites. The financial assistance is provided by the government in installments according to the progress of the house construction

In addition to the house plots, the state government is also providing assistance of Rs. 45,000 per PAF for the construction of the core house to all categories of oustees. According to the NWDT Award, there is no provision for core house nor is there any financial assistance for its construction

Agricultural Land

As per the Award, Gujarat provides land compensation to the landed category of oustees. Each landed PAF including joint holders receive land equal to that acquired with a minimum of 2 hectares and maximum upto the acquired land subject to state ceiling

Village Agricultural Land

These provisions to other categories are being made so that the resettled families can engage in agriculture and earn income, making their resettlement process simpler. The government also ensures that the land is of good quality, with irrigation facilities. Wherever irrigation facilities are not available, other provisions are made.

Although there is no provision in the Award, the government also provides two hectares of agricultural land to all other categories of PAFs even though they did not own land prior to resettlement. Thus, agricultural landless laborers and encroachers are entitled to receive land from the state.

Civic Amenities

The civic amenities provided at the resettlement sites include approach and internal roads, primary schools, dispensary, children’s playground, tree platform, electrification, water supply and sanitary arrangements. The quality and delivery of these amenities is far better under the SSP. Moreover, the provision of these facilities as part of the package has considerably improved the quality of life of the PAFs, as most of them did not have reliable access to basic amenities in their old habitats.

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water supply In village


NWDT Awards Provides

  • One primary school with three rooms for every 500 families;
  • One children’s park for every 500 families;
  • One panchayat ghar for every 500 families;
  • One dispensary for every 500 families;
  • One seed store for every 500 families;
  • One village pond for every 500 families;
  • One drinking water well with trough for every 50 families;
  • One tree platform for every 50 families;
  • One religious place of worship for every 500 families;
  • Linking of colonies to the main road with by-roads of appropriate standards; and
  • Electrification, water supply, and sanitary arrangements.

Rehabilitation Grant, Grant-in-aid, Subsidy

According to the Award, the PAFs have to be paid a rehabilitation grant of Rs. 750 inclusive of transportation charges. A grant-in-aid of Rs. 500 is also given.

In the Gujarat package, the scope of this component has been expanded and the PAFs are given the following benefits:

  • Rehabilitation grant of Rs. 750 per family and increase of 8% per year with January 1980, as the base year;
  • Subsistence allowance of Rs. 15 paid per day to each PAF for 25 days of a month, for a period of one year after resettlement;
  • Grant-in-aid of Rs. 500; and
  •  Subsidy of upto Rs. 7000 for the purchase of productive assets.

Other Facilities

There are no provisions for other facilities in the NWDT Award. However, under the liberalized R&R package of Gujarat the following additional facilities are offered:

  • Vocational training;
  • Special schemes for the rehabilitation of Dungri Bhils;
  • Priority allotment of tankbed land;
  • Non-agricultural families such as traders, shopkeepers, and artisans provided R&R site floor area equal to that lost in submergence villages and also Rs. 5000 as financial assistance;
  • Preference in employment; and
  • Implementation of all ongoing welfare schemes.
Land Owners(> 25%) 2 ha. of agri. land and house plot 2 ha. of agri. land, house plot, and Rs. 45,000 as assistance for construction of core house. 2 ha. of agri. land and house plot. 2 ha. of agri. land and house plot.
Agricultural Landless Labourers No agri. land Only House plot 2 ha. of agri. land, house plot, and Rs. 45,000 as assistance for construction of core house. No agri. land. House plot given with productive assets. Rs. 49,300 (SC/ST) Or Rs. 33,150 (others) 1 ha. of agri. land and house plot.
Encroacher No agri. land. Only house plot. 2 ha. of agri. land, house plot, and Rs. 45,000 as assistance for construction of core house Allotment of agri. land of 1 ha. or 2 ha. subject to the size of encroachment; and house plot. 2 ha. of agri. land if the encroachment prior to March 31, 1978. For encroachments after this period, 1 ha. of agri. land and house plot given.