R & D Cell

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This Cell was constituted with the intention of raising the standard of living of the resettled families by providing them subsidies for productive assets for agriculture and animal husbandry. It facilitates the rehabilitation of the people by supporting them in income generation. It provides various farm implements at subsidized rates and helps the PAFs in getting used to the new farming environment by liaising with the Agricultural Cell. It also counsels the PAFs on employment opportunities.

Some of the rehabilitation and development activities it engages in include:

  • Helping the PAFs in acquiring ration cards
  • Helping the PAFs in getting financial assistance in the form of loans and subsidies
  • Coordinating with various NGOs
  • Taking care of the medical requirements at the R&R sites
  • Taking care of the education-related issues in the R&R sites

The productive assets that are provided include bullocks, bullock carts, agricultural equipments, electric motors, etc. SSPA also bears the cost of cattle insurance with premium of one year to the tune of 2.25% of the price of the cattle.

The Rehabilitation Cell also engages in planning activities and makes action plans for various levels. The Cell liaises with other related state departments such as the Tribal Area Sub Plan (TASP), District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), and the District Industries Centre (DIC) for providing income generating assets to the PAFs. Additionally, the industries are also approached for providing wage labour to the Project Affected Persons. Wherever necessary, the commercial and cooperative banks are persuaded to finance the income generating activities undertaken by PAFs

Benefits Given to PAFs through Different Agencies

Agency No. of PAFs Amount (Rs. in Lacs)
DRDA 988 74.08
Tribal Sub Plan 6323 27.19
Dist. Panchayat 7924 13.09
District Industries Centre 158 3.33
Samaj Suraksha 416 2.30
Gujarat Energy Development Agency 938 1.50
Mahila Arthik Vikas Nigam 90 0.21
NIRED 14 26.85

Details of Productive Assets Given to PAFs

SR.NO.. Particulars GUJ MAH. M.P. Total
1 Bullocks(Nos.) 5902 1104 6979 13985
2 Bullocks Cart(Nos.) 343 74 126 543
3 Cow(Nos.) 99 39 57 195
4 Buffaloes(Nos.) 0 0 6 6
5 Electric Motor(Nos.) 18 0 1 19
6 Oil Engine(Nos.) 4 0 18 22
7 Agri. Equipments 1953 390 1199 3542