1.  Which are the main objectives and mandate of the SSPA?

SSPA‘s objectives are PAFs to be resettled as family group, groups of families or as entire village, in accordance with their preference, to the extent possible. PAF’s to be provided adequate physical, educational, social and economic infrastructure. For this SSPA’s mandate is to improve the agricultural production, income generating capacity and living standards of PAF’s as compared to the levels prior to their displacement, R&R to be planned and implemented as a development programme and To be integrated socially and economically with the host communities. In order to achieve this, SSPA’s rehabilitation and resettlement efforts are being implemented as a development programme.

2.  Which are the various cells of SSPA to ensure timely and efficient resettlement and rehabilitation of the PAF’s?

Various cells were established by SSPA to ensure timely and efficient resettlement and rehabilitation of the PAFs. These different cells are Land Cell, Engineering Cell, R & D Cell, Agriculture Cell, Medical Cell, and Education Cell.

3.  Should I see the progress report of R & R activities in Gujarat related to PAF’s?

Yes. You can visit our below website link to show the status report concerning PAF’s of Gujarat / Maharashtra / Madhya Pradesh Resettled in Gujarat, Up to Dam Height EL 138.68 m FRL.

Link: - https://sspa.gujarat.gov.in/report-progress-rr

4. What are the major tasks of Medical Cell?

The Cell is concerned with the physical well being of the PAFs and is headed by the Deputy Director (Medical). It is responsible for providing preventive and curative care to PAPs as per their requirements and offers comprehensive services to the families. The medical experts in the Cell include physician, paediatrician, gynaecologist, emergency medical officer, statistical assistant and pharmacist.

5. What are the major tasks of Engineering Cell?

The purpose of this Cell is to provide basic civic amenities to the resettlement sites including primary schools, approach roads and internal roads, dispensaries, drinking water sources, water supply, and streetlights. Free electrical wiring has also been provided at the homesteads, in case the PAFs want to avail of the facilities. The provision of these facilities is critical in helping the families raise their socio-economic conditions. As a result of the activities carried out by the Engineering Cell, the quality of life experienced by the resettled PAFs has seen significant improvement as compared to their life prior to resettlement. Since all the basic civic amenities are easily available at the new sites, the women and children have especially benefited.