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The Land Cell is primarily concerned with the procurement of land for the resettlement of the PAFs. The Gujarat R&R package provides land not only to the landed oustees, but also to other categories of PAFs, including major sons, landless agricultural laborers and encroachers. For the successful integration of the displaced families, it is important to provide all categories with basic resources for livelihood. Since most displaced communities depend on agriculture and land-based activities, it is crucial to ensure that the land they are given is of good quality.

Checking Land Quality:

The Cell takes extensive measures to ensure that only agricultural land is selected and given to the oustees. The Cell identifies the land available for sale, and conducts a preliminary inspection to verify if the land is fit for procurement. It is verified by District Collectors, tested by Gujarat Agriculture University and crosschecked by Deputy Director (SSPA).

Buying Land from the Open Market:

The Cell procures the land from the farmers at the open market rates. Only those farmers who are willing to sell their plots are approached for land procurement and their consent to sell the land is obtained before it is actually bought. The District Collectors in the resettlement districts assist in preparing the land purchase proposals and negotiating the purchase price. Complete payment for the plots is made only after the land has been fully acquired and the procedure for the revenue records has been completed.

After the land has been acquired, the PAFs are given the option of selecting the land where they want to resettle. Once the resettlement process has been completed along with the necessary documentation, the land ownership papers are given to the resettled families.