For Visually Impaired

Visually Impaired Person

There are more than 10 million people in the world who are blind or visually impaired and cannot be cured. Further in this text, we refer to such people as BVP (Blind or Visually Impaired Person).

Due to lack of vision, BVP have to face a lot of difficulties. They are simply cut off from the fascinating and informative World Wide Web (WWW). Neither can they send and receive e-mails, nor can they search and access information over the web.

This hampers their progress as the internet plays a major role in today’s world. So, the basic problem we are trying to solve is how to make the internet and the related facilities available to BVP.

It is not possible to convert all the information that exists on the web into Braille lippie. But with the help of the newly emerging technology, it is possible to convert it into audio format. Imagine a system which asks the BVP what he is looking for. On getting the response, the system scans the web and gives the information, again in audio format.

How to access the website for BVP?

To access the website, make use of arrow keys for various operations. These operations using the arrow keys can be described as follows:

  • Down arrow key : go to next hyperlink or next point
  • Up arrow key : go to previous hyperlink or previous point
  • Right arrow key : go to next webpage that is hyperlinked with the link
  • Left arrow key : go to previous webpage