Engineering cell


dispensaries house Approach Road Made Open dug wells Piped Water

The purpose of this Cell is to provide basic civic amenities to the resettlement sites including primary schools, approach roads and internal roads, dispensaries, drinking water sources, water supply, and streetlights. Free electrical wiring has also been provided at the homesteads, in case the PAFs want to avail of the facilities. The provision of these facilities is critical in helping the families raise their socio-economic conditions.

As a result of the activities carried out by the Engineering Cell, the quality of life experienced by the resettled PAFs has seen significant improvement as compared to their life prior to resettlement. Since all the basic civic amenities are easily available at the new sites, the women and children have especially benefited.

The Engineering Cell identifies the sites for residential purpose and creates a layout of the various facilities that will be provided at the R&R sites.

This Cell is also responsible for land development work and attends to all engineering-related grievances. Wherever the PAFs have settled in the non-command areas, the Cell makes provision for water by implementing lift irrigation schemes.

Civic Amenities Provided
Primary Schools 237
Dispensaries 154
Open dug wells/Bore wells for drinking water 605
Piped Water Supply 197
Approach Road (km) 109.90
Internal Road (Km) 282.15
Street Lights (No. of sites) 236