Education cell

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The purpose of this Cell is to achieve significant improvement in the quality of education as a sustained method for attracting and retaining children in the schools. SSPA, through the Education Cell has taken several measures to bring about this improvement.

While some of the children of the resettled PAFs attended schools in their old villages, their attendance was irregular due to the need to travel long distances. Other children had, by and large, not attended schools and would assist their parents with the daily chores on the fields and in the house. Since most parents are illiterate, the Cell had to make considerable efforts in convincing the parents of the need to send their children to the crèche and schools. Regular meetings were held during the initial resettlement phase, and it was ensured that children from each PAF were enrolled and attending classes. Today, while the parents are still unable to read and write, they are keen on supporting the children in their education and make sure that they do not skip school.


The Cell has provided extensive school infrastructure such as furniture, library books and mid-day meal kits worth Rs. 60.50 lakhs. The teaching aids and books have created considerable enthusiasm amongst the children for learning.

In fact, many children opt for further education in the secondary schools at nearby villages after they complete their primary education in the R&R sites. The R&R package also provides for a children’s park at each site. This park is usually adjacent to the classrooms, and allows the children to enjoy their leisure time.

The concerned District Panchayats have provided special grants of Rs. 50,000 to 20 schools. Over and above, the district panchayats are providing annual grant of Rs. 5000 towards repairs and Rs. 2000 towards educational material for each school.

School enrollment for 2014-2015

  • Scheduled Tribe - 7842
  • Scheduled Castes – 92
  • Out of these, 4102 are boys and 3832 are girls.
  • Since the inception of the Cell, 17,330 students have benefited, including 9415 boys and 7915 girls.
Sr.No. STATE SCHOOL Student Class Room Teacher Mid Day MealCentres
  No.of Building Fun-ctiona        
1. GUJ 113 112 4430 352 289 112
2. MAH 017 017 777 068 048 017
3. MP 108 088 3239 374 214 088
Total 238 217 8446 794 551 217