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 About SSPA


 About SSPA

Sardar Sarovar Purnarvasvat Agency


Life Before
Life After


   In 1992, the Sardar Sarovar Punarvasvat Agency (SSPA) was constituted for implementing the Resettlement and Rehabilitation(R&R) activities of the Sardar Sarovar Project Affected Families (PAFs) in Gujarat. While implementing the activities, SSPA recognized that resettlement and rehabilitation are two different issues. Resettlement is more concerned with the change in geographical location and the provision of basic infrastructure in the new habitat, Rehabilitation is more concerned with the empowerment of PAFs, so that they can get assimilated and prosper in their new settlements.

  SSPA is responsible for effective and efficient R&R of the Project Affected Families.

SSPA's Vision 

" To complete the R & R process on the top of most priority within the time frame "
       SSPA's Objectives

o     PAFs to be resettled as family group, groups of families or as entire village, in accordance with their preference, to the extent possible.

o      PAFs to be provided adequate physical, educational, social and economic infrastructure.

       SSPA's Mandate 

o     To improve the agricultural production, income generating capacity and living standards of PAFs as compared to the levels prior to their displacement.

o     R&R to be planned and implemented as a development programme.

o     To be integrated socially and economically with the host communities.  

  In order to achieve this, SSPAs rehabilitation and resettlement efforts are being implemented as a development programme. It has established various cells with clear agenda so that a holistic and sensitive approach to R&R is possible.



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