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 About SSPA

About SSPA
 Recent Interventions

SSPA is currently in its fourth stage of project implementation. Considerable rehabilitation has already taken place in a successful manner for communities from MP,
Maharashtra and Gujarat. Communities from each of the three states have, by and large, been given their own new independent sites (vasahats), so that people from the same submerged village have the option of resettling collectively.  

After concerted efforts to resettle communities, SSPA reflected on the progress that has been made, and has now devised a multi-pronged approach to make the resettled communities self-sufficient and self-reliant. The new interventions were considered after detailed studies of reports, the ground reality, and success in the already existing initiatives of a similar kind.  

  • Credit: Currently, many of the PAFs cannot access regular agricultural credit for reasons of lack of information and instances of defaulting in loan repayments. Since agriculture is a seasonal activity, it is crucial for the appropriate funds to be available within a timely framework so that optimum productivity is possible. With intervention in the field of credit, SSPA will endeavor to ensure that banks provide prompt disbursal of crop loans to PAPs.
  • Co-operatives: Efforts are already underway to establish cooperatives in certain settlements for the pre-production, production and marketing of crops.
  • Dairy: Prior to resettlement there were many PAFs that were traditionally engaged in animal husbandry and dairying activities for domestic purposes. They did not use these activities for commercial purposes. The aim of the SSPA intervention is to help the PAFs procure milch cattle for income generation. Efforts will be made to help the families procure loans, undergo requisite training and forge tie-ups with the district dairy.
  • SHG Formation: The process for organizing womenís self-help groups have been initiated to foster savings and micro-credit among them.
  • Micro-Enterprise: This intervention is specifically aimed at addressing the needs of the second-generation of the resettled communities. Many PAFs have sons who were under 18 at the time of resettlement. Such individuals now need training and assistance for setting up viable micro enterprises.
  • Farmerís Club: Around 100 farmerís clubs have been formed. NABARD contributes Rs.3000/- every year for a period of 3 years and the sponsoring Bank also pays Rs.3000/- for two years. This fund is used for conducting educational tour programs for farmers, useful reading material and for arranging talks for educating them regarding agriculture and farming.


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