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 About SSPA


 About SSPA

What the dam means to Gujarat?

The State of Gujarat covers a geographical area of 1.96 lakh sq. km., and of this, nearly half the region is chronically drought-prone. There are 185 rivers that flow through the state, but all except for Narmada have surface water that can irrigate only 14% of the land. Most of the rivers are dry for the better part of the year.

Rainfall, in many areas is undependable and scanty, leading to frequent scarcities.

The poor access to water resources has led to problems such as increasing desertification, saline ingress along the coastal belt, and the over-harnessing of ground water. The living conditions have been harsh due to poor land productivity and difficulty in procuring even drinking water.

v Canal Distribution System 

The Narmada Main Canal is 532 km long, and extends upto the Gujarat-Rajasthan border, going 74 km into Rajasthan. The canal will be lined with a thick layer of concrete to ensure efficient operation of the water distribution system, and to minimize problems such as water loss and consequent water logging through seepage. The main canal will be connected to a distribution network consisting of branch canals, distributaries, minors and sub minors.



The Project will provide irrigation facilities to 17.93 lakh hectares covering 12 districts in Gujarat. Majority of the farmers who will benefit from the irrigation facilities will be small and marginal. This is more than the existing total irrigation potential of all major, medium and small irrigation projects of Gujarat at 15.72 lakh hectares.

Drinking Water

SSP will provide drinking water to the communities in water scarce areas of Saurashtra and Kutch. Currently, the people get their drinking water supply through hand pumps or tankers. In summer especially, tankers prove to be the most frequent source of water, and costs around Rs. 60-70 per cubic meter. With the help of the dam, the communities will be assured fluoride-free and salinity-free potable drinking water

No. Of Villages and Towns to be Provided with Drinking Water

District Villages Towns
Saurastra & kutchh 5825 100
Ahmedabad 377 12
Mehsana 542 13
Banaskantha 490 3
Sabarkantha 568 4
Panchmahal 413 3
Total 8215 135

Power Generation

The Project will generate hydropower upto 1007 million kWh in a surplus year and 856 million kWh even in a rain deficit year. The supply of indigenous power will contribute to preventing the need to import petroleum. It will also provide an environment-friendly solution to the power-requirements of the States by avoiding air pollution.


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